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Mike Cochran, Professional Geologist
Chief, Geology & Well Technology Section
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  • Mailing Address:  KDHE - Geology & Well Technology Section, 1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 420, Topeka, KS 66612-1367

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The Geology & Well Technology Section within the Bureau of Water administers the Underground Injection Control (UIC), the Underground Hydrocarbon Salt Cavern Storage, and Water Well Licensing, Water Well Construction and Abandonment Programs.  These programs protect public health and safety, and the environment.  The UIC Program regulates injection well activities.  Injection well activities include the disposal of industrial wastes into deep geologic formations, the solution mining of salt formations, and the shallow injection of non-hazardous fluids below the land surface.  The Underground Hydrocarbon Salt Cavern Storage Program regulates the storage of hydrocarbons, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas, in salt caverns formed by solutioning in the Hutchinson Salt.  The program also regulates the brine ponds associated with the underground storage facilities.  The Water Well Program regulates water well contractor licensing, water well construction, and water well abandonment.  The Geology and Well Technology Section also provides hydrogeological and technical support for other programs in the Bureau of Water.

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