Swine Feedlot Permit Applications

Feedlot Name Document Name Legal Description County/District

EB South Finish Site
Jennifer A. Gerety
2445 280th Street
Robinson, Kansas 66532

EB South Finish Site - Application
| EB South Finish Site - Map
| EB South Finish Site - Nutrient Utilization Plan

Brown County
Section 1, Township 2 South, Range 18 East

JLB Farms, Inc.
2738 "R" Road
Bern, KS 66408

JLB Farms, Inc. - Application
| JLB Farms, Inc. - Map

Nemaha County
NW/4 of Sec. 23, T01S, R13E

Bancroft Site
Jennifer A. Gerety
604 Nemaha Street
Seneca, KS 66538

Bancroft Site - Application
| Bancroft Site - Map

Nemaha County
N/2 of S/2 of Sec. 18, T05S, R14E

Henry Creek Sow Farm
Doug Claassen
12247 NW 130th Street
Whitewater, KS 67154

Henry Creek Sow Farm - Application
| Henry Creek Sow Farm - Map

Butler County
N/2 of Sec. 17, T24S, R04E

Steven and Margo Chartier
1449 140th Street
Horton, KS 66439

Steven and Margo Chartier - Application
| Steven and Margo Chartier - Map

Brown County
NW/4 of Sec. 17, T04S, R17E

McCabe Genetics
Randel D. McCabe
6075 CR 1950
Elk City, KS 67344

McCabe Genetics - Application
| McCabe Genetics - Map

Montgomery County
W/2 of Sec. 16, T31S, R14E