Swine Feedlot Permit Applications

Feedlot Name Document Name Legal Description County/District

Tyler G. Rose - East Site
845 28th Road
Mahaska, KS 66955

Tyler G. Rose - East Site - Application
| Tyler G. Rose - East Site - Map
| Tyler G. Rose - East Site - Nutrient Utilization Plan Form

Washington County
SE/4 of the SW/4 of Sec. 8, T01S, R02E

Lee Springer (Elk City Facility)
4848 County Road 1900
Elk City, KS 67344

Lee Springer (Elk City Facility) - Application
| Lee Springer (Elk City Facility) - Map

Montgomery County
SW/4 of Sec. 16, T32S, R14E

Parker Pork Farms, LLC
Edwin Parker
2843 Willow Rd
Robinson, KS 66532

Parker Pork Farms, LLC - Application and Map

Brown County
E/2 of Sec. 36, T01S, R18E and NW/4 of Sec. 01, T02S, R18E

Cottonwood Hog Farm
Anthony and Carmen Unruh
2901 NW 60th St.
Newton, KS 67114

Cottonwood Hog Farm- Application
| Cottonwood Hog Farm - Map
| Cottonwood Hog Farm - Nutrient Utilization Plan Form

Harvey County
SE/4 of Sec. 24, T22S, R01W