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New ItemSwine Operator Certification Training New Item – June 24, 2015

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), in cooperation with the Kansas Pork Association, is developing a computer-based operator certification training course that will be available online via the Internet. The conversion to an online course was necessitated by continuing biosecurity concerns, the need to provide greater flexibility and to reduce travel costs and lost work hours. The online course is being designed in a module format so portions of the training can be completed as your schedule allows.

KDHE will not be conducting swine operator certification training in a classroom setting this year.

Swine facilities with 1,000 or more animal units, will soon receive a letter from KDHE providing more information. Stay tuned!

Tara Mahin, Section Chief
Bureau of Environmental Field Services
Livestock Waste Management Section

1000 SW Jackson St., Suite 420
Topeka, KS 66612-1367
(785) 296-5550
FAX: (785) 559-4258

Livestock Waste Management Staff

For general correspondence, please send an e-mail to or call 296-6432.

  • Levi Burson, Engineering Associate, 296-0038
  • Virgil Cane, Environmental Specialist, 296-6725
  • Kelly Haller, Environmental Specialist Supervisor, 296-0077
  • Joyce Lovin, Administrative Assistant, 296-0076
  • Glenda Newquist, Environmental Associate, 296-8037
  • Emily Zung, Professional Environmental Engineer, 296-6405
  • Mark McClure, Engineering Associate, 296-6430
  • Michaele Oleson, Environmental Specialist, 296-0075
  • Matthew T Steele, CAFO Engineering Program Manager, 296-4039
  • Dakota Burt, Environmental Compliance & Regulatory Specialist, 296-5557
  • Levi Crooke, Environmental Specialist 296-4049
  • Vacant, Environmental Associate, 368-6237
  • Vacant, Administrative Specialist, 296-6432

Purpose of the Livestock Waste Management Section

The Livestock Waste Management Section is organized within the KDHE Bureau of Water. The mission of the section is to protect the waters of the state of Kansas by educating and assisting the regulated community, reviewing and issuing Livestock Waste Management Permits, and ensuring compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and permitting requirements.

General Information

Any facility that has an animal unit capacity of 300 or more, or that has been determined to have significant water pollution potential must register with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).  Upon evaluation of the facility by the Department, it will be determined if waste controls and a permit are necessary.   

Each KDHE District Office maintains documentation of livestock facility compliance with Kansas statutes and regulations for facilities located within that district. Each District Office also maintains documentation relating to permitting requirements for new or expanding swine facilities in that district. The documentation includes all requirements which a swine facility must comply with and an explanation of the statutory and regulatory provisions on which the permitting requirements are based, an explanation of any departure from any requirements, and a fact sheet which contains a detailed description of the location of each new or expanding facility, a description of the new or expanding facility, a map, and a nutrient utilization plan, if required.


This Swine Applications link will allow you to view all complete applications for new or expanding swine facilities which are currently on Public Notice in the Kansas Register. Only after KDHE has determined that an application is complete will the application be placed on public notice.


The purpose of this Web site is to provide users with a delivery system to review the Kansas Livestock Waste Management Permitting System as mandated by K.S.A. 65-1,179. Data provided is current as of the publication date. KDHE is not responsible for database integrity following download and publication or for the use of the data for any purpose other than the purpose expressed.

KDHE has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data, however, errors in the data are possible. Therefore data is provided without representation as to accuracy and without any warranty, either express or implied, as to accuracy.

KDHE does not authorize, and is not responsible for, the use of the data contained in this Web site in any format other than that presented.

Kansas Sensitive Groundwater Areas for Wastewater Lagoons

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