Measles (Rubeola)

Measles cases identified on both sides of the state line

Beginning in early March 2018, cases of measles began to appear in Kansas after a child who was too young to be vaccinated was infected while traveling internationally. In early April 2018, cases of measles began to appear in Kansas City, Missouri after an unvaccinated adult was exposed to measles while traveling abroad. To date, local public health officials have determined that the measles cases in Kansas are NOT linked to those in Missouri. As of May 2, 2018, Kansas has 22 cases associated with its outbreak.

Local public health departments in the metro area urge unvaccinated individuals and parents/caregivers of infants less than a year old to check the two lists of possible exposure sites, at the links below, to determine if they have been exposed to measles.

You are at extremely low risk for contracting measles if you were not at any of these locations, if you have been vaccinated for measles, or you have had measles.

Measles exposure sites in Kansas |

Measles exposure sites in Missouri

Measles Signs and Symptoms:
If you are experiencing measles symptoms, stay at home and call your healthcare provider. It is important to notify them BEFORE you go to their office that you suspect measles so appropriate measures can be taken to protect other patients and medical staff.

Top 4 Things Parents Need to Know about Measles:

Las 4 cosas principales que deben saber los padres sobre el sarampión:

Local Public Health Departments in the Kansas City metro area:


Measles is a very contagious respiratory disease caused by a virus. The measles vaccine is the best protection against the disease.

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