2016 Emissions Inventory Forms

For Class II Facilities

Process/Equipment Worksheet

Summary of Information Requested

Facility information Excel.xls

| Facility information Adobe.pdf

Required download; Cover Page For All Forms 
HAP List Excel.xls

| HAP List Adobe.pdf

HAP List Sorted by CAS# and Chemical Name;
Acid battery manufacturing plants Excel.xls

| Acid battery manufacturing plants Adobe.pdf

Number of batteries; average weight; lead melted; HAP information
Aluminum Excel.xls

| Aluminum Adobe.pdf

Aluminum cleaned and processed.  Demagging and fuel consumption
Animal feed milling Excel.xls

| Animal feed milling Adobe.pdf

Tons received, cleaned, milled, pelletized, and shipped.

Asphalt plants Excel.xls


Asphalt plants Adobe.pdf

Annual asphalt production.
Bakery facilities Excel.xls

| Bakery facilities Adobe.pdf

Amount of product produced annually.
Boiler Information Excel.xls

| Boiler Information Adobe.pdf

Fuel consumption of controlled and uncontrolled units.
Brick manufacturers Excel.xls

| Brick manufacturers Adobe.pdf

Kiln information, tons of brick produced.
Cement terminals Excel.xls

| Cement terminals Adobe.pdf

Amount of dry cement received and shipped
Chemical processing plants Excel.xls

| Chemical processing plants Adobe.pdf

Manufactured or processed product, composition of product, annual throughput; hazardous air pollutant information; process fuel usage
Cold Mix Asphalt Excel.xls

| Cold Mix Asphalt Adobe.pdf

Annual asphalt production and rated capacity
Cotton ginning Excel.xls

| Cotton ginning Adobe.pdf

Amount of cotton processed
Diesel engine operation Excel.xls

| Diesel engine operation Adobe.pdf

Engine type; rated horsepower; fuel consumption

Dry corn milling Excel.xls


Dry corn milling Adobe.pdf

Bushels received, dried, and milled.
Electric power generation Excel.xls

| Electric power generation Adobe.pdf

Unit type; kilowatt hours produced
Ethanol Plant Excel.xls

| Ethanol Plant Adobe.pdf

Production of ethanol from grain
Flour Milling Excel.xls

| Flour Milling Adobe.pdf

Bushels received, handled, cleaned, and milled
Gasoline loading terminals Excel.xls

| Gasoline loading terminals Adobe.pdf

Products loaded; total gallons loaded; method of filling; hazardous air pollutant information
General mixing and handling Excel.xls

| General mixing and handling Adobe.pdf

Product of mixing; tons mixed; materials mixed;% composition of product; handling of product
Grain elevator facility Excel.xls

| Grain elevator facility Adobe.pdf

Total bushels of grain received, cleaned, dried, stored and shipped.
Grey iron foundry Excel.xls

| Grey iron foundry Adobe.pdf

Tons of metal charged, and grey iron produced
HAP form Excel.xls

| HAP form Adobe.pdf

CAS #; chemical names; tons released
Meat smokehouses Excel.xls

| Meat smokehouses Adobe.pdf

Number of smokehouses, amount of meat smoked, amount of wood burned
Natural gas transmission Excel.xls

| Natural gas transmission Adobe.pdf

General engine and fuel data, engine design class, controls, horse-power hours
Paint and Varnish manufacturing Excel.xls

| Paint and Varnish manufacturing Adobe.pdf

Amount of paint and varnish produced, HAP information
Printing presses Excel.xls

| Printing presses Adobe.pdf

Press information, ink type, solvent usage, and HAP information
Ready-mix concrete plants Excel.xls

| Ready-mix concrete plants Adobe.pdf

Type of plant, operating information
Rock crushing facilities Excel.xls

| Rock crushing facilities Adobe.pdf

Type of plant, production, control equipment
Salt Processing Excel.xls

| Salt Processing Adobe.pdf

Salt processed.
Sand Operations Excel.xls

| Sand Operations Adobe.pdf

Sand and gravel processed.
Sunflower Seed Processing Excel.xls

| Sunflower Seed Processing Adobe.pdf

Received, cleaned, milled, transferred, and shipped.
Stationary fuel burning equipment Excel.xls

| Stationary fuel burning equipment Adobe.pdf

Type of fuels burned, fuel consumption
Storage tanks Excel.xls

| Storage tanks Adobe.pdf

Size of tank, capacity, annual throughput
Surface Coating / Solvent Use Excel.xls

| Surface Coating / Solvent Use Adobe.pdf

Tons of solvents and solvent based coatings used;  VOC weight %
Thermal Oxidizer Excel.xls

| Thermal Oxidizer Adobe.pdf

Natural gas control device
Vermiculite Processing Excel.xls

| Vermiculite Processing Adobe.pdf

Amounts handled.