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The Kansas Dry Cleaning Program was created when the Kansas Drycleaner Environmental Response Act became effective on July 1, 1995. The Program addresses facility registration, pollution prevention, and soil and groundwater contamination at retail dry cleaning facilities. A Dry Cleaning Facility Release Trust Fund was developed as a funding mechanism for conducting state-led investigations and remediation of soil and ground water contamination at sites that have applied and been accepted into the Dry Cleaning Facility Release Trust Fund.

Dry Cleaner Site File Review Process

The File Review Request Form is provided to enable Kansans to review information about remedial actions taken by the Bureau of Environmental Remediation. The online version of the form sends the request to the Bureau electronically. The PDF version of the form is provided for those who would like to mail or fax the request to the Bureau.

What's New!

Kansas Dry Cleaning Program Overview (.pdf)
This document describes the Kansas Dry Cleaning Program, enforcement of the Dry Cleaning Regulations, and describes actions taken at the Former Four Seasons Dry Cleaners Site in Wichita.

Site Update: Millers Cleaners Site, 323 S. Maize Rd., Wichita, KS
KDHE held a Public Availability Session on Tuesday, September 13th to discuss emergency response action to address groundwater contamination associated with the Millers Cleaners Dry Cleaning site at S. Maize Rd and W. Maple in Wichita, Kansas. KDHE provided information on the current impacts of domestic wells from tetrachloroethylene (PCE) contamination, plans to provide short- and long-term alternative drinking water supplies to impacted areas and long term remediation needs. The attached presentation was shown at the session. Residents in the area who are not using city water for their drinking water supply are encouraged to contact Kevin Moon, KDHE Project Manager at 785-296-8025.

Drycleaner Compliance Manual
The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) in coordination with KDHE and members of the dry cleaning industry produced The Kansas Drycleaners Manual, a manual that assists with understanding environmental requirements for Kansas drycleaners.

2016 Compliance Calendars
The 2016 compliance calendars are available through SBEAP by contacting the K-State SBEAP Technical Assistance Hotline, 800-578-8898. SBEAP is available for general information, technical information, questions about regulations, or assistance with completing dry-cleaning compliance calendars.