Application for Ranking of Contaminated


Contaminated dry cleaning sites may be ranked by the department to establish priorities for Fund expenditures based on information the department has on hand, information contained in an application submitted to the department, or both. The completed, signed application form and supporting information must be submitted to the department to initiate the ranking process.

Who can make application for prioritization? The applicant can be the facility owner and/or operator, real property owner, lessee, or municipality in which the facility is located. Please consult K.A.R. 28-68-5 for requirements on who must be notified when an application is submitted to KDHE for prioritization.

Required information for application submittal:

Ground water analysis

  • From a water supply well, monitoring well, direct push probe, or other sample collection device approved by the department.

  • Collected and analyzed not more than one year prior to submittal of the application.

  • With prior approval from the department, an analysis of a representative soil sample may be substituted for a ground water analysis. This is typically intended for sites where ground water is scarce or very deep.

  • Geologic well log(s) from a monitoring well or supply well or hydrogeologic information from the contaminated site where the ground water or soil sample was taken.

  • Distance to nearest known private domestic well, public water supply well, surface water, or other receptor.

  • Description of present use of ground water in the area of the facility.

Sites will be ranked in relation to other contaminated sites to establish funding priorities. Reasonable direct costs associated with collecting the required information stated above shall be credited to the deductible payment.

Deductible Payment
On initiation of corrective action, which includes assessment and/or remediation, by the department the applicant shall pay to the department the applicable deductible, minus the reasonable, direct costs incurred by the applicant to collect the application information. The deductible is $5,000 and payable to the Kansas Dry Cleaning Trust Fund.

Prioritization of Funding Contaminated Dry Cleaning Sites
Funding priority shall be given to sites requiring emergency action, such as impaction of public water supply wells, domestic wells, surface water, water supply intakes, or when a high probability exists for direct human exposure or contact to contaminated waste, soil, air, or water.