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New!! for 2014

Application Submission - When you have completed all forms for the funds you are requesting, save forms, attach to an email and send to

Public Health Preparedness Grants (for local health departments) are now included in the Aid to Local package. Find the link to the Preparedness Grant webpage in the "Categorical Grant" list. Applicants will only indicate on the "Application for Grant" cover page their plans to participate in the Preparedness program and will not submit budget or work plans at this time. Budget and work plans are due on or after July 31, 2014.

Instructions for Aid To Local (.pdf)

Online course on KS-TRAIN. “BCHS: Public Health Aid To Local 2014 Grant Process,” course #1041097.


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Application Notes:

Document Submission

All documents should be submitted electronically, if possible. Applications are fillable forms and can be submitted directly via email using Microsoft Outlook (click "Submit Form" button) or as attachments. If using other email systems, the forms can be saved and submitted as attachments.

The completed cover sheet, "Application for Grant" form requires a date and signature(s) before submission. Signed and dated "Application for Grant" forms can be scanned and submitted by email to or may be sent in hard copy by mail to Patricia Behnke, Administrative Specialist in the Bureau of Community Health Systems, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 340, Topeka, KS 66612.



All questions about specific program requirements should be directed to the Program Manager for that program as specified in the application. Questions about the forms or the submission process should be directed to Patricia Behnke, at or 785-296-0425.

Grant Application Guidelines FY2015

Forms to complete:

  1. All applicants: complete the required Application for Grant form including Personnel Allocation by Program form. Exception: If the only application being submitted by an organization or agency is for the Community Based Primary Care grant, a Personnel Allocation by Program table is not required.
  2. If you are a local health department, complete and submit the State Formula application.
  3. To apply for Categorical Grant Funds click this link to access all instructions and documents.
  4. All applicants: Email the Application for Grant, including Personnel Allocation by Program table, if required, and all other fund request to

SFY 2015 Reporting Requirements and Reporting Document Links |
Reporting forms and instructions will be communicated to grantees by March 1.