STI ⁄ HIV Control Programs

Program Purpose

The STI/HIV Section of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention (BDCP) receives funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct activities intended to prevent and⁄or intervene in the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). Grantees will be required to meet objectives set forth by the STI/HIV Section during the federal application process.



Applications for funding to support Disease Intervention Prevention Services should be submitted for continuation of current contracts only. Award amounts will be contingent on federal funding availability and amounts. Awards will be initiated upon receipt of an amended budget based on the actual amount of the award unless award is equal to the requested amount. At this time, a match is not required for grants with the STI/HIV Section. The STI/HIV Section reserves the right to require grantees to provide a match.


Reporting Requirements

All grantees must submit quarterly “Certified Affidavit of Expenditures”. Refer to the Fiscal Reporting Section. for details.


Program Contact Person

David Owens
Disease Intervention Program Manager
STI/HIV Section
Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention


Form Required:

Certified Affidavit of Expenditures