Teen Pregnancy Targeted Case

Management (TPTCM)

Program Purpose:
To provide comprehensive case management services to KanCare eligible pregnant and/or parenting adolescents in Kansas communities.

The program goals are to:

  • Reduce negative consequences of teenage pregnancy for KanCare-enrolled teens and their children
  • Increase levels of self-sufficiency and goal-directedness relating to their own futures and that of their children
  • Delay subsequent childbearing until completion of goals related to basic education/training or they reach 21 years of age

For more information on program goals, guidance, reporting requirements, refer to the Teen Pregnancy Targeted Case Management Manual.

Specific Program Information:

  • The KDHE TPTCM Manual must be used in the development of the TPTCM grantee’s policy manual.
  • The local grantee must use evidence-based practices in their work with pregnant and parenting teens.
  • All required client and visit data must be collected and entered into the web-based shared measurement system, DAISEY by the 10th of each month. Access to necessary equipment and secure internet service is required.
  • The local grantee must develop and implement a program evaluation process that utilizes client satisfaction responses and community needs assessment information to assess the program and results in improvements or changes to services based on feedback.
  • The local grantee must engage in public awareness activities and develop a referral network.
  • The local grantee will create and maintain a functioning advisory group which includes a teen representative.
  • At least one person from your agency is required to attend annual meeting and/or technical assistance sessions provided by KDHE staff.
  • The TPTCM Program Staff from your agency will participate in any scheduled site visits provided by KDHE.

Eligible Applicants:
Not-for-Profit organizations with documented experience and capacity to provide targeted case management services related to children and families

Grants will be awarded annually on a competitive basis. Grants are subject to availability of funds. No part of the grant money shall be used for any political purposes. Organizations awarded grants may not sub-grant the funds. Priority is given to continue funding of local agencies that consistently meet contract objectives, reporting requirements and participate in yearly education updates.

Reporting Requirements:
Quarterly – Submit in Catalyst by October 15, January 15, April 15 and July 15:

  • Financial Status Report
  • Quarterly Progress Report

TPTCM Reporting Schedule


Grant Reporting Period

Due Date

Forms Due


7/1 to 9/30

October 15

  •   Financial Status Report

  •   TPTCM Quarterly Progress Report


10/1 to 12/31

January 15

  •   Financial Status Report

  •   TPTCM Quarterly Progress Report


1/1 to 3/31

April 15

  •   Financial Status Report

  •   TPTCM Quarterly Progress Report


4/1 to 6/30

July 15

  •   Financial Status Report

  •   TPTCM Quarterly Progress Report


To Request Funds/Apply:

To apply for funding, fill out an application in Catalyst (www.catalystserver.com). New applicants can request to be set up in Catalyst and receive a username and password by contacting: support@shpr.org

New Applicants: Before starting your application, please complete the following training courses on Kansas TRAIN (https://www.train.org/ks/):
  •   Catalyst Training 1: Catalyst Navigation (Course #1054439)
  •   Catalyst Training 2: Application Process Overview in Catalyst (Course #1054483)
  •   Catalyst Training 3: Application Management in Catalyst (Course #1054567)
  •   Catalyst Training 4: Applying for Funding Announcement(s) in Catalyst (Course #1054672)

Applications are available on January 15, 2017 and are due on March 15, 2017.

Application Attachments:
A.1 - Attach proof of Not-for-Profit Status (501(c)(3))
     Name the attachment [Applicant Agency Name] Not-for-Profit Status
A.1 - Attach an Agency Organizational Chart
     Name the attachment [Applicant Agency Name] Organizational Chart
A.2.1.1 - Attach a Client Satisfaction Survey
     Name the attachment [Applicant Agency Name] Client Satisfaction Survey
B.1.1 - Attach a signed DAISEY Terms of Use Agreement for FY 2018
     Name the attachment [Applicant Agency Name) DAISEY Terms of Use Agreement
D.2 - Attach a Client Goal Planning Tool
     Name the attachment [Applicant Agency Name] Client Goal Planning Tool

Program Contact:

Beth Greene