State Formula

Projected State Formula Awards SFY 2018

Amounts are contingent on legislative action.


Submit a “Certified Affidavit of Expenditures” in Catalyst. This requires reporting of total local tax and other non-state, non-federal revenue and expenditures.

Refer to the Fiscal Reporting Section.

For SFY2018, all State Formula applicants will need to complete requirements through Catalyst as well as complete all survey questions at

FY2018 State Formula Survey Questions
This PDF contains the questions and response options from the FY2018 State Formula survey. You may choose to review it in advance in order to have the data you need to complete the survey accessible when you log in to Survey Monkey. You do not have to complete the entire survey in one sitting but Survey Monkey will not allow you to save individual questions. In order to save, you must hit the "next" button at the end of a page and "done" button at the end of the survey. If you hit next at the end of a page, all data on the previous page will be saved and you may return at a later time.

Program Contact Person

Cristi Cain, Director, Local Public Health