Child Care Licensing Program

Program Details

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) administers the child care licensing laws for child care facilities. The purpose of regulation is to establish requirements to operate a child care facility and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of children receiving care away from their home.

The contract requires a surveyor to have obtained an RN or 4 year degree in nursing, early childhood or elementary education, child development, human development, social work or a related field.

The surveyor’s role is to provide regulatory guidance and determine compliance with child care regulations. Services are performed electronically using e-mail, the licensing database CLARIS, and other technologies including online/automated surveys using tablet computers, portable printers, digital cameras, and mobile devices. Surveyor access to necessary equipment, secure email, and internet services is required.

Surveys are conducted for a new applicant, renewal, complaint investigations, and illegal care investigations. Initial surveys are scheduled and provide the opportunity for the provider to receive on-site technical assistance and support in achieving compliance with regulations. Annual surveys are not scheduled. They are conducted to verify ongoing compliance and also serve as an opportunity to provide consultation and support to providers. Complaint surveys are conducted to determine if the child care facility is in compliance with regulations after a complaint is received.  Concerns reported about someone providing child care without a license are also investigated by a child care surveyor.

Surveyors are expected to actively recruit child care providers, provide orientation prior to an application being submitted to KDHE, attend quarterly KDHE training, and complete five in-service clock hours directly related to knowledge and skills that enhance child care regulatory practice.

Reporting Requirements

Quarterly program reports and affidavits are due on the 15th of the month following the quarter and must be entered in Catalyst.

1st Quarter (July 1 to Sept 30)

October 15

2nd Quarter (Oct 1 to Dec 31)

January 15

3rd Quarter (Jan 1 to March 31)

April 15

4th Quarter (April 1 to June 30)

July 15

Submit Questions regarding Quarterly Affidavit Reports to Kevin Shaughnessy at |

Local Contractor Information

Contact Information
Lori Steelman  785-296-1270