Ryan White

Case Management Reporting Requirements

Submit the “Certified Affidavit of Expenditures,” refer to the Fiscal Reporting Section.


Affidavits of Expenditures:

The Affidavits of Expenditure are submitted quarterly with the Contracting Reporting Form. This information includes, but is not limited to, a budgetary breakdown of funds to be received for continuation of grant funding. These line items include salaries, materials, transportation and indirect costs.


Time and Leave Report:

All agencies must submit documentation that indicates the amount of time worked each day in each specific role. Current timesheets demonstrate position splits will be accepted. To determine if your timesheet is sufficient please contact the Program Manager.


Travel Log:

Any agency requesting travel reimbursement from the Ryan White Program must submit a travel log that supports the amount of dollars being requested. The travel log should have the name of the person traveling, date traveled, purpose of travel, beginning location, ending location, beginning odometer reading and ending odometer reading. To determine if your travel log is sufficient please contact the Program Manager.


Annual Client Satisfaction Survey Tool:

All agencies must ensure their performance through an annual client satisfaction survey tool. Agencies may also introduce additional evaluation criteria exceeding the requirements provided by the Ryan White Quality Management Committee. The Ryan White Quality Program Manager will monitor whether a client satisfaction survey has been completed.


Quality Management:

Self–reporting of quality management activities are encouraged and will appear on Case Management Site Visit Reports. All agency quality management initiatives will have the support of Ryan White Quality Program Manager and/or the Ryan White Quality Management Committee.


Technical Assistance:

Requests for technical assistance on reporting requirements may be addressed by the Ryan White Part B Grants Manager, Ryan White Part B Quality Manager and/or the Ryan White Part B/ADAP Director by email or phone. Off–site technical assistance is available for all contractors by appointment.


Program Contact Person

Megan Brokaw, STI/HIV Care Program Manager


Forms Required:

Certified Affidavit of Expenditures – Ryan White |