Ryan White Medical Case Management


Program Purpose

Kansas Ryan White Part B medical case management is an approach to routine HIV-related service delivery that is client-centered and community-minded. It is a service that is comprehensive in scope and provides a means to enhance the quality of life for people affected by HIV. It is a system of need and utilization assessment that helps local communities plan and allocate resources while functioning under a specific professional scope of service, ethics, and standards. HIV medical case management assesses the needs of the client, their family and social support system. Based upon the assessment, Medical Case Managers arrange, coordinate, monitor, evaluate, and advocate for a variety of services to meet the clients’ needs. Enhancing client self-care, independence and self-determination are some of the goals of this program. Clients are expected to be involved in all aspects of their care, including problem-solving functions, to the maximum extent possible. Proactive and coordinated efforts by Medical Case Managers in community-based and healthcare settings assist clients in obtaining optimum wellness, as well as making the best use of available resources.


The State of Kansas and the Kansas Ryan White Part B Program have determined that the purpose of funding is to provide care for persons living with HIV infection who do not have adequate access to public or private resources. These funds also assure that residents of Kansas living with HIV infection have access to the resources to monitor health status, adhere to care and adhere to treatment.


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