Public Health Emergency Preparedness


Program Purpose

To protect the health of Kansans through efforts to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, infectious disease, terrorism, and mass casualty emergencies.


Eligible Applicants

Funding for the Preparedness Program is contingent upon the receipt of adequate funding by KDHE through federal grants. Each health department receives a base award amount and then additional funding based on population. Approximate funding allocations for preparedness will not be known until late spring/early summer with final award amounts being designated by July 1. Participating local health departments will receive a 25% advanced payment at the beginning of the grant year.


In the event that the local health department is unable to expend all of the funds allocated, the Fiscal Agent shall notify KDHE in writing of the amount of unspent funds. KDHE may request a refund of unspent funds at the end of the grant period.


Program Details

Program work plans, a guidance document, and budget forms may be found in the Catalyst system at in late spring/early summer.


Program contact listing may be found at


To Request Funds/Apply

To apply for funding, fill out an application in Catalyst ( For the Preparedness application, the administrator is simply indicating if they will or will not participate in the Preparedness Program for the upcoming grant year.  Under the Custom Field section, click the radial button for Yes or No, save, and submit. You will not be requesting funds at this time. Each local health department receives a set allocation based on a population formula. A health department should expect to be able to fill out a budget form in late spring/early summer through Catalyst.  Work plans and affidavits of expenditure will be added into the system for use at a later date.


For grantees receiving funding in SFY15, the program administrator will receive a Catalyst user name and password in advance. If the program administrator has not yet received a username and password, contact the Catalyst Operations Support Team (


Before starting your application, please complete the following training courses on Kansas TRAIN (

  • Catalyst Training 1: Catalyst Navigation (Course #1054439)
  • Catalyst Training 2: Application Process Overview in Catalyst (Course #1054483)
  • Catalyst Training 3: Application Management in Catalyst (Course #1054567)
  • Catalyst Training 4: Applying for Funding Announcement(s) in Catalyst (Course #1054672)

Applications are available on January 15, 2015 and are due on March 16, 2015.


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