STI/HIV Prevention Program


Program Purpose

This program is designed to support Comprehensive HIV Prevention Programs in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionís (CDC) National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). This funding is provided to nonprofit community-based organizations and local health departments to support prioritized HIV testing and HIV prevention services to reach at-risk populations. Based on recent HIV epidemiologic data, the priority at-risk populations for HIV prevention in Kansas are currently identified as: men who have sex with men (MSM), African-American heterosexual women, injection drug users (IDU), youth ages 15 to 24, and other high risk individuals (those with a recent STD, TB, or hepatitis infection and the incarcerated population).


Eligible Applicants

Applications to support Comprehensive HIV Prevention Programs should be submitted for continuation of current contracts only.



Applicants for nonprofit community-based organizations must demonstrate the ability to have achieved a 0.25 percent positive for calendar year 2013 to successfully be awarded funding. Applicants for local health departments must demonstrate the ability to have achieved a 0.10 percent positive for calendar year 2013 to successfully be awarded funding. Award amounts will be contingent on federal funding availability and amounts. Awards will be initiated upon receipt of an amended budget based on the actual amount of the award unless award is equal to the requested amount. At this time, matching funds are not required for grants with the STI/HIV Section. The STI/HIV Section reserves the right to require grantees to provide matching funds in the future.


Program Details

Program details, application requirements and program staff contact information can be found on Catalyst.


To Request Funds/Apply

To apply for funding, fill out an application in Catalyst ( For grantees receiving funding in SFY15, the program administrator will receive a Catalyst user name and password in advance. If the program administrator has not yet received a username and password, contact the Catalyst Operations Support Team (


New applicants can request to be set up in Catalyst and receive a username and password by contacting:


Before starting your application, please complete the following training courses on Kansas TRAIN (

  • Catalyst Training 1: Catalyst Navigation (Course #1054439)
  • Catalyst Training 2: Application Process Overview in Catalyst (Course #1054483)
  • Catalyst Training 3: Application Management in Catalyst (Course #1054567)
  • Catalyst Training 4: Applying for Funding Announcement(s) in Catalyst (Course #1054672)

Applications are available on January 15, 2015 and are due on March 16, 2015.