SFY 2016 Family Planning Grant/Contract

Reporting Instructions

Detailed Client Encounter Data Collection

Submit detailed client encounter data in a timely manner in accordance with the guidance provided by the Children and Families Section, Bureau of Family Health. In order to meet federal reporting requirements, all calendar year client encounter data shall be submitted to the State Agency within 15 days of the end of the calendar year.

Quarterly Certified Affidavit of Revenues and Expenditures

Submit the Financial Status Report in Catalyst. Refer to the Fiscal Reporting Requirements   document for details. The source and amount of funds received during the reporting period that support activities within the scope of the grantee’s Title X family planning services grant shall be identified on the Financial Status Report. These reports are due fifteen days following the end of the calendar quarter.


Submit a completed "Family Planning Semi-Annual Report" in Catalyst covering the first six months of the contract by July 15th. All sections of this report must be addressed: Encounter Time, Pap tests, HIV Reporting, Program Narrative and Outreach and Educational activities.


Submit a completed "Family Planning Semi-Annual Report" in Catalyst covering the last six months of the contract (See Mid-year, above for content) and a copy of the current family planning schedule of fees and discounts by January 15th. The Family Planning schedule of fees and discounts must be established and implemented with sufficient proportional increments so that inability to pay is never a barrier to services. Charges (fees) must be based on a cost analysis of all required (core) family planning services provided by the project. Include the Clinic Name on the schedule of fees and discounts.


Customer Satisfaction program/Quality Improvement: all grantees are required to have in place a system that will allow them to regularly review their client satisfaction levels and a program to address client issues and overall quality improvement.

Program Contact Persons

Kristi Wilson, Director
Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program