Chronic Disease Risk Reduction

Grant Application


Program Purpose

The purpose of this community grant program is to provide funding and technical assistance to communities to address chronic disease risk reduction through evidence-based strategies that impact tobacco use, physical activity, nutrition and chronic disease self-management.



Eligible applicants are local health departments that are expected to serve as the project lead on behalf of the community. A local health department may designate a partner organization to serve as the lead agency. If a partner organization is to serve as the lead agency, the application must include a letter from the local health department stating that it has designated another agency to be the applicant. A consortium of counties may apply together under one application.


Organizations within counties designated as target sites for the “State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease and Stroke” grant (DP14-1422) are eligible for PAN funding from CDRR. However, applicants must demonstrate how 1422 and CDRR work will be integrated, how duplication will be avoided and how funds will be leveraged if PAN funds are requested.



Tobacco prevention funding is contingent upon appropriations by the Kansas State legislature. Physical activity nutrition and Chronic Disease Self-Management Education activity funding is contingent upon availability of funds.


Program Details

All program details, application requirements and program staff contact information can be found on the attached document: Chronic Disease Risk Reduction RFP Final Document


Required forms:

CDRR Exec Summary
| CDRR Planning Phase Forms
| CDRR Coalition Members
| CDRR Staffing Plan


To Request Funds/Apply

To apply for funding, fill out an application in Catalyst ( For grantees receiving funding in SFY15, the program administrator will receive a Catalyst user name and password in advance. If the program administrator has not yet received a username and password, contact the Catalyst Operations Support Team (


New applicants can request to be set up in Catalyst and receive a username and password by


Before starting your application, please complete the following training courses on Kansas TRAIN ( ):

  • Catalyst Training 1: Catalyst Navigation (Course #1054439)
  • Catalyst Training 2: Application Process Overview in Catalyst (Course #1054483)
  • Catalyst Training 3: Application Management in Catalyst (Course #1054567)
  • Catalyst Training 4: Applying for Funding Announcement(s) in Catalyst (Course #1054672)

Applications are available on January 15, 2015 and are due on March 16, 2015.