Emergency Preparedness


Disability and Health Program

Overview: This state level collaboration will help to enhance training and education so that increased numbers of people with disabilities are covered by disaster plans and are properly trained in response and recovery through finding ways to translate evidence-based research into practice at the local level, improving surveillance of people and supports in a community, and identifying networks of social supports that can withstand disaster situations.


  1. Curriculum outline for personnel in health, emergency management and disability fields.
  2. Identify and create emergency preparedness best practices list to publish for local emergency mangers, local health professionals, and Social and Rehabilitation Services.
  3. Create model Disability Annex/ Appendix or other guidelines to the Kansas Response Plan.
  4. Design a strategic plan to get these items into the hands of emergency and health professionals.
  5. Policy changes for establishing and operating emergency medical shelters to better support people with disabilities


Lead Agencies: The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Bureau of Health Promotion and the Kansas University Medical Center Research Institute, Inc.

This is a five year grant from Centers for Disease Control:
Grant #: 1 U59 DD000284-02, “State Implementation Projects for Preventing Secondary Conditions and Promoting the Health of People with Disabilities.”