Center for Performance Management

Ashley Goss, Division of Public Health Administrator
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Vision - Healthier people in Kansas served by a strong, sustainable integrated public health system.

Mission - To integrate performance management and quality improvement into daily public health work using evidence to track progress and drive decision-making.

To create a cost-effective operating environment and use of evidence to provide delivery of the highest possible quality public health services which ensures protection of the public through efficient and effective public health programs addressing health of people and the environment. To learn more about this program, go to About Kansas NPHII Project.

Strengthening Public Health Services in Kansas:
There are multiple resources to assist public health improve quality of services offered. Resources most relevant for local health departments and the communities served are accessed by clicking on the topic areas below.

Quality Improvement (QI) Tools and Resources
Quality Improvement (QI) Tools and Resources
Performance Management
Performance Management
Public Health Accreditation
Public Health Accreditation

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