Next Steps in Implementing Becoming a

Mom/Comenzando bien®

Congratulations on your community’s decision to implement the Becoming a Mom® curriculum by the March of Dimes as a part of your collaborative work!  Your first step will be to download and print the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  Each agency who will have an active role in program delivery, thus needing access to the KDHE supported website housing program delivery resources (curriculum handouts, PowerPoints, lesson plans, activity plans, resource bank, integration toolkits, etc.), will need to review and sign the required MOU and return to Stephanie Wolf at

Becoming a Mom® Private Website
Once a signed MOU is received from the applicable agency, that agency will receive a response including the private website address.  This website address is to be protected and not shared with outside entities or other parties in an effort to protect program fidelity.  Once you receive the website address, you will gain access to all KDHE provided program delivery resources.  Please go to the Getting Started tab on the home page to get started with your next steps!