Rabies Vaccination for Pets
c = CDC Core Question, o = CDC Optional Question, s = State-Added Question
Next I will ask a few questions about rabies vaccination for pets.

How many cats 3 months of age or older do you currently keep in or around your home? This includes any cats that live around your home or on your property that you feed or otherwise care for.
There are several different types of rabies vaccines that can be given to your cat by your veterinarian; some rabies vaccines can last up to three years. A cat with a current rabies vaccination is defined as a cat, 3 months of age or older, who has either received a rabies vaccination within the last 12 months OR your veterinarian has told you that your cat has a current rabies vaccination.

Of the cats 3 months of age or older you currently keep in or around your home, how many of them are vaccinated against rabies? Count only the ones that you know have received a rabies vaccination by a veterinarian. For example, if you have four cats but you only know that two of them have received a rabies vaccination, say "two".