Each April in Kansas land owner’s burn thousands of acres
of grassland as part of pasture management.
Smoke from burning grassland can cause poor outdoor air quality.
Thinking back to April of 2013, did you have an illness or
symptom that you think was caused by poor outdoor air quality from burning?

Response Unweighted Frequency Weighted Percentage Standard Error 95% Confidence Limit
Lower Upper
Yes 189 2.7 0.2 2.2 3.1
No, I did not have any symptoms 5966 92.4 0.4 91.7 93.2
No, I don’t live near an area of burning 332 4.9 0.3 4.2 5.5

Among all respondents, excluding unknowns and refusals.
Asked only in May 2013-December 2013
On Questionnaire Split B