When you quit smoking or the last time you tried to quit smoking, did you use nicotine
replacement therapy gum, patches, lozenges, nasal spray, inhaler, or the
medications Zyban/Wellbutrin/buproprion (ZEYE ban/Well BYOU trin/byou PRO pee on)
or Chantix/varenicline (SHAN tix/VAR en i cline) to assist you?

Response Unweighted Frequency Weighted Percentage Standard Error Lower 95% Confidence
Upper 95% Confidence
Yes 416 21.5 1.2 19.2 23.8
No 1383 74.6 1.3 72.1 77.1
Never tried to quit 62 3.9 0.6 2.7 5.2

Among respondents who reported smoking at least 100 cigarettes in their life,
excluding unknowns and refusals.
On Questionnaire Split A