During the past 12 months, did you receive counseling or therapy
from a medical doctor or other health professional for your sadness,
discouragement or lack of interest? (By health professional we
mean psychologists, counselors, spiritual advisors, herbalists,
acupuncturists, and other healing professionals.)

Response Unweighted Frequency Weighted Percentage Standard Error Lower 95% Confidence
Upper 95% Confidence
Yes 152 62.2 3.7 54.8 69.5
No 99 37.8 3.7 30.5 45.2

Asked among respondents who in the past 12 months have had a period
of 2 weeks or longer when they felt sad, discouraged or uninterested
and received treatment by a doctor or other health professional in the
past 12 months, excluding unknowns and refusals.
On Questionnaire Split B