I'm going to read you a list. When I'm done, please tell me
if any of the situations apply to you. You don't need to tell me which one.
You have used intravenous drugs in the past year.
You have been treated for a sexually transmitted or venereal disease in the past year.
You have given or received money or drugs in exchange for sex in the past year.
You had anal sex without a condom in the past year.
Do any of these situations apply to you?

Response Unweighted Frequency Weighted Percentage Standard Error Lower 95% Confidence
Upper 95% Confidence
Yes 124 2.5 0.3 1.9 3.0
No 5960 97.5 0.3 97.0 98.1

Among respondents ages 18 to 64 years, excluding unknowns and refusals.