The following questions ask about the acceptability of certain programs designed to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS within communities. Please answer whether the following programs would be very acceptable, somewhat acceptable, somewhat unacceptable, or very unacceptable to you to have in your community:
(among respondents aged 18-49)

Response Number of Respondents at Risk (n) Weighted Percent
a. ...Contacting and treating the sexual partners of persons with sexually transmitted disease?    
Very acceptable 1041 52.2
Somewhat acceptable 708 36.8
Somewhat unacceptable 94 5.4
Very unacceptable 109 5.6
b. ...Needle exchange programs for injectable drug users?    
Very acceptable 663 34.3
Somewhat acceptable 598 31.4
Somewhat unacceptable 251 13.1
Very unacceptable 408 21.2
c. ...Condom distribution to teenagers?    
Very acceptable 960 49.2
Somewhat acceptable 561 27.8
Somewhat unacceptable 193 10.1
Very unacceptable 260 12.9