Resources for Creating Healthy, Active


Kansas Specific Resources

KanBike Walk, KanBikeWalk is a non-profit, statewide organization whose mission is to promote a safe bicycling and walking environment for Kansans through education and advocacy.

Healthy Kansas Communities Assessment and Planning Tool

National Resources

Active Living by Design, program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Chapel Hill, NC; Extensive on-line resources.

AmericaWalks, Boston, MA: 617-367-1170; A coalition of ~50 local and regional pedestrian advocacy groups nationwide.

Bikes Belong Coalition, Ltd., Brookline, MA: 617-734-2800; Coalition of bicycle industry supporters of more livable community efforts.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, A site with tons of current data on health and physical activity, and promotional resources.

Complete Streets, Washington DC: 202-207-3355; National campaign to have all road accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists, & transit as well as cars.

League of American Bicyclists, Washington, DC: 202-822-1333; National advocacy group advancing the Bike Friendly Communities program.

Local Government Commission, Sacramento, CA: 916-448-1198; Huge library of practical planning and transportation guides, e.g. "Real Towns."

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, Chapel Hill, NC; Technical support, including walkability and bike-ability checklists & facility design guides.

Rivers and Trails Conservation Assistance, a program of the National Park Service; Provides technical support on trails and greenways.

Safe Routes to School Program, Tons of information on organizing an event, launching an SRTS program, &Walk to School day national event registry.

Surface Transportation Policy Project, Washington, DC: 202-466-2636; Publishes Mean Streets (loaded with pedestrian data).

Victoria Transportation Policy Institute, Victoria, BC; A definitive transport policy resource with data supporting economic & environmental benefits of bike/ped.

Walkable Communities, Inc., High Springs, FL; The website of Dan Burden, one of the nationís leading experts on walkable community design.