BFH Staff Directory


296-1310   Rachel Sisson Bureau Director
291-3368   Lynn Mowder Administrative Specialist
296-1270   Michelle Broky Senior Administrative Assistant


296-6467   Jamie Kim Epidemiologist

Children & Families Section

296-6136   Traci Reed Section Director
296-1294   (Vacant) SSr. Administrative Assistant
296-6141   Diane Daldrup Program Consultant
Maternal and Child Health
296-1311   Debbie Richardson MIECHV and MCH Manager
296-1300   Carrie Akin Public Service Administrator
296-1234   (Vacant) MCH Administrative Consultant
Topeka Office - 296-1306   Stephanie Wolf
Salina Office - 785 827-9639
Maternal & Child Health Consultant
296-7433   Phyllis Marmon Home Visiting Administrative Consultant
296-1308   Tamara Thomas MCH Program Manager (PMI, TPTCM, HV)
Reproductive Health
296-1304  Kristi Wilson Director of Reproductive Health Program
296-8212   (Vacant) Family Planning Clinical Consultant
296-1307   Penny Hulse Senior Administrative Specialist
296-1305   Kay White MCH Administrative Consultant
296-1205   Rebecca Atnip Family Planning Consultant

Coordinating Council on Early Child Developmental Services (CCEDS)

296-1294   Doug Bowman Coordinator, CCECDS,

Special Health Services

296-1316   Heather Smith Section Director
296-6134   Annie Gile Birth Defects Coordinator
296-1395   Debbie Kern (PT) Special Projects Coordinator
296-1292   Genoveva (Geno) Hernandez SHS Grant & Contract Manager
Infant-Toddler Services
296-2245   Heather Staab Infant Toddler Part C Coordinator
296-6135   Diane Alexander Public Service Administrator
296-8625   (Vacant) Program Analyst Infant-Toddler Part C
296-1329   (Vacant) Part C - Fiscal Analyst
Newborn Screening
291-3363  Shawn Manos NBS Program Manager
291-3617   Vacant Newborn Screening Educator
291-3366   Michelle Black Care Coordinator
296-0109   Janice Conklin NBS Administrative Assistant
Sound Beginnings Newborn Hearing Screening
368-7167   Elizabeth (Liz) Abbey State EHDI Coordinator/Audiologist
368-8376   Leah Sawyer (PT) Sr. Admin. Specialist
296-6761   Lisa Elliott Data Registrar
296-6861   Crystal Bermudez Program Consultant
Special Health Care Needs (SHCN)
296-4747   Kayzy Bigler SHCN Program Manager
296-1295   Kelly Totty Lead Care Coordinator
291-3366   Michelle Black Care Coordinator
296-1313   Jamie Schumacher Sr. Admin. Specialist/Financial Eligibility Specialist
State Interagency Coordinating Council – Early Childhood Developmental Services (SICC)
296-1294   (Vacant) Coordinator ICCS

Nutrition & WIC Services

296-1324   Dave Thomason Section Director
296-8956   Cathy Colpitts Administrative Assistant
296-1325   (Vacant) Program Consultant
296-1322   Pat Dunavan Temp-Senior Nutritionist
296-1327   (Vacant) IT Project Manager
291-3161   Martha Hagan Nutritionist
291-1328   Rachelle Schmid PSE
291-3134   (Vacant) Program Consultant
296-0093   Ashley Warren Program Analyst
296-1323   (Vacant) Nutritionist
296-1320   (Vacant) Administrative Assistant
296-1189   Patrice Thomsen Senior Nutritionist
296-2865   Randy Volz Program Analyst
296-1325   Janna Gunckle Program Consultant
296-1323   Lisa Long Program Consultant
296-0094   Julie Ornelas Nutritionist
296-0949   (Vacant) Public Health Nurse
296-0092   Valerie Merrow Program Consultant

Early Care and Youth Programs (Child Care)

296-8026   Lori Steelman Section Director
368-7277   Linda Cottrell Public Service Administrator II
296-8080   Debi Nelson Public Service Administrator II
296-2522   Star Robinson Public Service Administrator II
296-1275  (Vacant) Public Service Administrator II
296-1273   Pam Paden Public Service Administrator II
296-6922   (Vacant) Public Service Administrator II
625-5663   Amy Staab Child Care Surveyor, Hays
620 225-0596   Deborah Rodda Child Care Surveyor, Dodge City
620 225-0596   J(Vacant) Child Care Consultant, Dodge City
316-337-6033   Jennifer Manuel Child Care Surveyor, Wichita
296-7745   Julia Alfers Coordinator of Children's Services
296-8165   Lisa Walker Program Consultant I
842-4600   Tina Caruthers Program Consultant I
296-1395   Debbie Kern Program Consultant I
296-8234   (Vacant) Senior Administrative Specialist
296-8081   Liz Lansing Senior Administrative Assistant
296-8166   Teresa Becher Administrative Specialist
296-1276   Pam Essman Administrative Specialist
296-7745   (Vacant) District Child Care Specialist

CPA and Residential Programs (Foster Care)

Foster Care Home Licensing has moved from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to the Kansas Department for Children and Families as of July 1, 2015. For more information on Foster Care services please visit the DCF website:

Policy and Administration

291-3160   Mary Murphy Section Director
                  (Vacant) Public Service Administrator II
296-8238   Dorothy Tenney Public Service Administrator II
296-8475   Beth Greene Public Service Administrator I
296-1278   Tina Rossi Program Analyst
291-3812   Lorraine Gavin-Nwakpuda Consultant
296-7793   Dilip Kar Administrative Assistant
291-3187   Brenda Dreier Administrative Assistant
296-1270   (Vacant) Administrative Assistant

Healthy Homes and Lead Hazardous Program

291-3160   Mary Murphy Section Director
296-7278   John White Program Manager
316-683-6629   David Hart Enforcement Officer
291-3218   Gilbert Tabares Enforcement Officer
296-7278   Vacant Enforcement Officer
296-3653   Jenny Smith Enforcement Officer
368-7010   Karen Miller Temp-Administrative Assistant