BFH Staff Directory


296-1310   Rachel Sisson Bureau Director
291-3368   Lynn Mowder Administrative Specialist


296-6467   Jamie Kim Epidemiologist

Children & Families Section

296-6136   Traci Reed Section Director
296-1294   (Vacant) SSr. Administrative Assistant

Maternal and Child Health

296-1311   Debbie Richardson

MIECHV and MCH Manager

296-1300   Carrie Akin

Public Service Administrator
296-1234   (Vacant) MCH Administrative Consultant
296-1306   (Vacant) Perinatal Health Consultant
296-7433   (Vacant) Child Health Consultant
296-1308   Barbara Kramer Adolescent Health Consultant

Reproductive Health

296-1304   (Vacant) Family Planning Director
296-8212   (Vacant) Family Planning Clinical Consultant
296-1307   Penny Hulse Senior Administrative Specialist
296-1305   (Vacant) Administrative Specialist
296-1205   Christina Flyntz Family Planning Consultant

Coordinating Council on Early Child Developmental Services (CCEDS)

296-1294   Doug Bowman Coordinator, CCECDS,

Special Health Services

296-1316   Heather Smith Section Director
296-1295   Kelly Blake SHS Contract & Payment Coordinator

Infant-Toddler Services

296-2245   Sarah Walters Infant Toddler Part C Coordinator
296-6135   Diane Alexander Public Service Administrator
296-8625   Marcia Boswell-Carney Program Analyst Infant-Toddler Part C
296-6134   Kelly Jorgenson Health Planning Consultant

Newborn Screening

291-3363   Jamey Kendall NBS Program Manager
291-3617   Jena Callen-Scholz NBS Training & Quality Coordinator
291-3366   Janice Conklin NBS Administrative Assistant

Sound Beginnings Newborn Hearing Screening

368-7167   Elizabeth (Liz) Abbey State EHDI Coordinator/Audiologist
368-8376   Kelly Barr Data Follow-up Manager
296-6761   Lisa Elliott Data Registrar
296-6861   Kobi Foster Follow-up Coordinator

Special Health Care Needs (SHCN)

296-4747   Kayzy Bigler SHCN Program Manager
296-1312   Jane Kennedy SHCH Nurse Manager
296-1292   Portia Taylor Financial Eligibility Specialist
296-1313   Genoveva (Geno) Hernandez KRG Support Specialist
296-0109   (Vacant) Program Consultant

Nutrition & WIC Services

296-1324   Dave Thomason Section Director
296-8956   Cathy Colpitts Administrative Assistant
296-1325   (Vacant) Program Consultant
296-1322   Pat Dunavan Temp-Senior Nutritionist
296-1327   Sandi Fry IT Project Manager
291-3161   Martha Hagan Nutritionist
291-3134   Rachelle Hazelton Program Consultant
296-0093   Ashley Warren Program Analyst
296-1323   (Vacant) Nutritionist
296-1320   Cindy Thomas Administrative Assistant
296-1189   Patrice Thomsen Nutritionist
296-2865   Randy Volz Program Analyst
296-0094   Julie Ornelas Nutritionist
296-0949   Karen Meeks Public Health Nurse
296-0092   Valerie Merrow Program Consultant

Early Care and Youth Programs (Child Care)

296-8026   Lori Steelman Section Director
368-7277   Linda Cottrell Public Service Administrator II
296-8080   Debi Nelson Public Service Administrator II
296-2522   Erin Jackson Public Service Administrator II
296-1275   Heather Ritchey Public Service Administrator II
296-1273   Pam Paden Public Service Administrator II
625-5663   Amy Staab Child Care Surveyor, Hays
296-7745   Julia Alfers Coordinator of Children's Services
296-8165   Lisa Walker Program Consultant I
842-4600   Tina Caruthers Program Consultant I
296-1395   Debbie Kern Program Consultant I
296-8234   Kimberly Martin Senior Administrative Specialist
296-8166   Teresa Becher Administrative Specialist
296-1276   Pam Essman Administrative Specialist
296-7745   Heather Ritchey District Child Care Specialist

CPA and Residential Programs (Foster Care)

Kimberly Nelson
296-0202   Daric Smith Section Director
368-6647   Janna Gunckle Public Service Administrator II
296-6075   Lisa Long Public Service Administrator II
368-7016   Denise Stevens Public Service Administrator II
368-8167   Sheri Williams Public Service Administrator II
368-7221   (Vacant)Public Service Administrator II
316-337-6033   Kimberly Nelson Program Consultant I
368-7125   Julia Seago Program Consultant I
368-7222   Susan Colvin Senior Administrative Specialist
368-3825   Cristy Bradfield Senior Administrative Specialist
296-3987   Jean Martin Administrative Specialist

Policy and Administration

291-3160   Mary Murphy Section Director
296-6922   Micah Ross Public Service Administrator II
296-8238   Dorothy Tenney Public Service Administrator II
296-8475   Beth Greene Public Service Administrator I
296-1278   Tina Rossi Program Analyst
291-3812   Lorraine Gavin-Nwakpuda Consultant
296-7793   Dilip Kar Administrative Assistant
291-3187   Brenda Dreier Administrative Assistant
296-1270   Heather Driver Administrative Assistant