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Residential Care

TeenagerThe State Department of Health and Environment does not place children in residential care.  Children are placed by parents or guardian, by a public agency such as a social and rehabilitation Services, or by a private child placing agency licensed to perform a placement service.Orange Hand Print


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New ItemPermanent Regulations for Staff Secure Facilities New Item

The CPA and Residential Programs Section is pleased to announce the adoption of permanent regulations for the licensure of Staff Secure Facilities. The regulations were published in the Kansas Register on March 13, 2014 and are effective March 28, 2014. The regulations are necessary to implement provisions of Senate Substitute for House Bill 2034. Staff Secure Facilities are intended to meet the health and safety needs of child victims of human trafficking.

Staff Secure Facilities Regulations effective March 28, 2014

Policy Regulation Exceptions and Interpretations

Guidance Material

Family Foster Home

Twenty-four hour family care for one to four children between the ages of infancy to 16 years of age.

Group Boarding Home

Twenty-four hour nonsecure care for five to ten children between the ages of infancy to 16 years of age.

Residential Center

Twenty-four hour nonsecure care for over ten children between the ages of infancy to 16 years of age.

Blue HandAttendant Care Facility

Non secure care not to exceed 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays for juveniles taken into custody.

Detention Center

A secure public or private facility which is used for the lawful custody of accused or adjudicated juvenile offenders under 16 years of age pending court disposition.

Secure Care Center

A secure youth residential facility, other than a juvenile detention facility, used to provide care and treatment for alleged or adjudicated children in need of care pursuant to the Kansas code for the care of children.

Secure Residential Treatment Facility

A secure facility operated or structured to provide a therapeutic residential care alternative to psychiatric hospitalization for five or more youth with a diagnosis of severe emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric condition.
"Treatment" means comprehensive, individualized, goal-directed, therapeutic services provided to youth.

Staff Secure Facility

A type of secure residential facility designed to meet the care and safety needs of victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Special Categories of Service Requiring a A License

Child Placing Agency

A social service agency which receives children for services including placement in residential programs or in foster family homes, or for adoption.

HandprintsMaternity Care

Residential care which includes services to females during pregnancy

Maternity Center or Hospital

A facility not licensed as a medical hospital, which provides delivery services for normal, uncomplicated pregnancies.