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The original licensing law which was passed in 1919 placed the licensing authority with the Kansas Department of Health and Picture of a ChildEnvironment. The Department administers the licensing law as a preventive program to assure that out-of-home care for children and maternity patients will not be exploitive, unsafe, or unhealthy. The main purpose of the law is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of children receiving care away from their parents and home. It is also a consumer protection law assuring parents that the care they are paying for meets minimum standards of good care.

Licensure (depending on the number of children in care) is required regardless of the motivation for providing care, and whether or not there is advertisement of or payment for services. The essential fact is that a child or children receive care away from their own homes. |

HandprintsKDHE contracts with local health departments (some are multi-county) to provide local regulatory services for: 

  • Licensed Day Care Homes
  • Group Day Care Homes
  • Child Care Centers
  • Preschools
  • Head Start Centers
  • School Age Programs

Child Care Licensing Systems Improvement Team |

Child Care Facility Requirements |

Kansas Licensing Indicator Survey |

Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Child Care Environments

Policy Regulation Exceptions