Online Child Care Licensing Application

Use the link below to leave the KDHE website and access the provider portal. The portal allows you to:

  • Register as a User. If you are not currently registered and need your KDHE Person or Organization ID, please contact Child Care Licensing at 785-296-1270.
          PLEASE NOTE: If your facility is owned by a corporation, LLC, LLP, government entity/agency or school
          district,please contact your organizationís business office for instructions.
  • Log in to complete an application once you have registered as a user.
  • Submit an application for a new child care facility; renew your license with KDHE; or submit a Move, Program Change or change of Ownership application if you are a currently licensed facility.
  • Submit an online KBI form (Modify Affiliates).

Submit a KDHE Online Child Care Licensing Application

**** IMPORTANT ****

In order for you to be able to use all functions of the online application, including attaching forms, the computer you are using MUST have one of the following internet browsers:

MS Window 7 – must have Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
MS Vista – Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), and Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
MS XP – Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), and Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
MS XP Tablet – Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)

Portal and Application Instructions

Online Application Instructions (pdf)
Information about the portal system requirements, and basic tips for registering and completing the online application.

*Additional documentation is required to be submitted with a Child Care Center (pdf), Preschool (pdf), and Drop-In Program (pdf) application. Click on one of the application types to view information about other documents needed for processing the application (Ex: floor plan, description of services, etc.). Processing cannot be completed without the documentation.

Portal Overview and Navigation Tips |

Portal Overview and Navigation Tips (pdf) |

Video Transcript (pdf)Portal Overview and Navigation Tips

Online Renewal Application |

Online Renewal Application Instructions (pdf)
Guides you through submitting a renewal application (including the KBI form (Affiliates)). Renewal applications may be submitted online up to 90 days before the renewal date (expiration date printed on the license).

Video Transcript (pdf)Online Renewal Application

Online Initial Application |

Online Initial (New) Application Instructions (pdf)
Guides you through submitting a new application to:

  • Apply as a new child care facility – PLEASE NOTE - If you have not attended an orientation, please stop and contact your local child care surveyor. An orientation date is required to complete your application.
  • Submit a move application, change of Program Type (Ex: Change from a Licensed Day Care Home to a Group Day Care Home), change of ownership for a currently licensed child care facility.

Review licensing options and requirements for programs on the Child Care Licensing website.

Video Transcript (pdf)Online Initial Application

Modify Affiliates Instructions |

Modify Affiliates Instructions (pdf)
Guides you through completing a Modify Affiliates application (Online KBI form).
Please note: The Modify Affiliate application is submitted only when you are NOT renewing and you need to add, remove or edit any person (affiliate) 10 years of age or older residing, working, or volunteering at the facility. Regulation requires affiliates be submitted to KDHE as part of any new application. New affiliates must be submitted within one week.

Video Transcript (pdf)Modify Affiliates Instructions |

Forgot Your Password Instructions (pdf)
Guides you through obtaining a temporary password and creating a new password.

Additional Information

Child Care Licensing Forms for Adults and Children |

Find Your Local Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Questions related to regulations, licensing options, attending an orientation, submitting an application.

Contact KDHE Child Care Licensing
Questions related to accessing the Provider Portal, reporting technical problems, and entering information on the application.