Walk with Ease - Program Overview

Walk with Ease Mobile Application now available

KDHE is pleased to collaborate with the Arthritis Foundation to offer Walk with Ease, a walking program to encourage people with and without arthritis to get started walking and stay motivated to keep active anytime of the year. During the 6-week program, participants meet three times a week in groups of up to 15. They begin each class with a health education session on an arthritis- or exercise-related topic, followed by stretching activities and a 10–35 minute walk. Participants receive educational materials and tools to supplement the group classes.

The class is structured so that the leader can format the class to meet the needs and abilities of the participants.  In the beginning of the six-week program, the walking portion of the class may last only 10 minutes, or depending on the physical capacity of the group, it could last 30 minutes or more. Email bburns@arthritis.org to learn more about Walk with Ease group classes in Kansas.

A self-directed version of the program is also available, using the workbook, materials from the group classes, and online support.  Online support includes video instruction, a message board, and an automated e-mail service alerting participants when milestones are reached.  Self-directed participants are still encouraged to walk three times a week for a six week period.  KDHE is currently hosting registration for self-directed Walk with Ease participants. If you are interested in participating in this format of Walk with Ease, register here to get started.

Participant benefits include:

  • Reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis
  • Increase balance, strength, and walking pace
  • Build confidence in your ability to be physically active
  • Improve overall health

Components of Walk with Ease include:

  • Managing arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Stretching and strengthening activities to support the walking program
  • Self-monitoring for physical problems while walking
  • Anticipating and overcoming barriers to being physically active
  • Getting and staying motivated to exercise
  • Develop a walking plan that will meet your needs
  • Learning how to exercise safely