Success Stories

February 13, 2008

This success story is regarding the 6 week class "Kansans Optimizing Health Program (KBHP)" at Providence St. John Medical Center that I've just completed.

I found the class to be very informative. The presenters were very knowledgeable and allowed those in attendance to break in at any time for personal input. The implemented buddy system allowed us to better acquaint ourselves with each other. Phoning each other at least once a week became most important to me. This allowed us to speak with our Buddy one on one and personally about what is really going on with us regarding our own challenges.

I also found that having to set some weekly goals for myself made me feel more responsible to get things done because I was reporting in, so to speak. The motto "JUST DO IT" became real important to me.

Many subjects were addressed regarding Health & Well-being when continual pain and daily frustrations are a part of our daily life. The Self Management Tool box was made available for us to use as needed. Healthy Eating, exercise as you are able, managing pain, medications, understanding emotions and fatigue, communication and working with your health care provider were just a few of the suggestions for a healthier life style in spite of our condition.

I feel that it would be most beneficial to have a follow-up class at least once a month for discussion of what has been going on with each of our lives and how we have been managing things. I definitely would be committed to this.

Anyone with chronic medical conditions would truly benefit from the information gathered in this very worthwhile and time well-spent presentation.