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Group leaders are the heart of self-management programs. There are no prerequisites to be a group leader – only a passion for helping others. Workshop curriculum is scripted and has helpful facilitation suggestions throughout. Review the Leader Training Description. To apply for a training complete either the Group Leader Training Application and Statement of Commitment and submit both to” For more information about the programs and the Kansas Self-Management Education, please review the KSME Program Manual.

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For more information about any of these training opportunities, please contact Ariel Unselt,, 785-296-1627.

    Tools for Better Health Leader Information

Tools for Better Health Leader Information

The Kansas Arthritis Program works with a variety of organizational partners across the state to provide Tools for Better Health leader trainings on a regular basis around the state.  Individuals interested in being trained as leaders must complete four days of training conducted by Tools for Better Health master trainers.  The training is conducted for two days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm one week with the next two days of training occurring the following week.  This break in the training allows participants to practice the action planning skills workshop participants are expected to participate in over the six week workshop.

Tools for Better Health program leaders are facilitators of the scripted curriculum and will model the behaviors workshop participants are asked to adopt over the course of the workshop.  They can be health professionals and or individuals with a chronic condition.  Each workshop is lead by two trained leaders one of which has a chronic condition.

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