Site Assessment Unit

Darryl Morgan, P. G., Unit Manager
Phone: (785) 296-8065    Fax: (785)-559-4262 or (785)-559-4259

1000 SW Jackson, Suite 410
        Topeka, KS 66612-1367

The Site Assessment Unit conducts assessments at sites with actual or potential releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants which may impact human health and the environment in the State of Kansas.

Site Assessment Program

Sites are identified through a variety of mechanisms, including spill reporting; citizen complaints; referrals from local and county health, law enforcement, or environmental agencies; other State agencies; Federal agencies; or by industries.

Once a site is identified, it is assessed using funding obtained through a grant agreement from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A new site is entered into the Identified Sites List database and prioritized for a site assessment. Site assessment activities include a review of historical site activities, regulatory and operational history, and land use. If the site conditions warrant, the Site Assessment Unit may sample environmental media including soil, groundwater, surface water or sediment, and any wastes that may be present. The Site Assessment Program uses a variety of intrusive and non-intrusive technologies including direct-push technology, geophysical tools, mobile analytical methods such as X-ray fluorescence and gas chromatography, and auger drilling.

When a site assessment is completed, the results are compared to existing risk-based standards and the site is either resolved, referred for further future site assessment, considered for a KDHE remediation program, or referred for Federal response actions.

Field Support

The Site Assessment Unit also provides field support for other programs in the Bureau of Environmental Remediation. The site assessment staff have been trained in using a variety of field equipment, portable analytical technology, and other tools for field activities.

Site Referrals

The Site Assessment Unit reviews site referrals for the KDHE Bureau of Environmental Remediation to determine whether identified contamination is related to an existing site or should be added to a list of sites needing further evaluation under the Site Assessment standard protocols. The BER Site Referral Form is an online Adobe fillable form that is used to provide information on known and potential contamination.

BER Site Referral Form.