Current Advisories/Warnings

PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY LEVELS: KDHE may issue two levels of public health protection notifications: a Public Health Advisory or Public Health Warning. These notification levels are determined by the concentration of a harmful toxin(s) or the concentration of cyanobacteria cell counts.

Public Health Advisory--

  • Notifies public that a hazardous condition exists
  • Signs should be posted at all public access locations
  • Water may be unsafe for humans/animals
  • Discourage contact

Public Health Warning-

  • Notifies public that conditions are unsafe
  • Water contact should not occur
  • All conditions of Advisory remain in effect

Last updated on: 11/01/2013 13:03:42

Warning Sign
  • Memorial Park Lake also known as Veteran's Lake, Barton County

Advisory Sign
  • Lake Warnock, Atchison County
  • Logan City Lake, Phillips County
  • Lake Shawnee, Shawnee County