Blue-Green Algae (BGA) Blooms

As of October 31st, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has closed the season for Harmful Algal Bloom monitoring efforts.

PUBLIC HEALTH ADVISORY LEVELS: KDHE may issue two levels of public health protection notifications: a Public Health Watch or Public Health Warning. These notification levels are determined by the concentration of a harmful toxin(s) or the concentration of cyanobacteria cell counts.

Public Health Watch–

  • Notifies public that a hazardous condition may exist
  • Signs may be posted at all public access locations
  • Water may be unsafe for humans/animals
  • Discourage water contact

Public Health Warning–

  • Notifies public that conditions are unsafe
  • Signs will be posted at all public access locations
  • Water contact should not occur
  • All conditions of Public Health Watch remain in effect

At the end of the season, two monitored lakes were still in active bloom:

Frazier Lake, in Grant County was at a Warning status
South Lake, in Johnson County was at a Watch status

The next harmful algal bloom season will begin again on April 1st 2019, when the KDHE response program will continue. Please see our Harmful Algal Bloom Response Plan for more information.

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