Office of the Secretary

Acting Secretary Jeff Andersen
Our Vision
Healthy Kansans living in safe and
sustainable environments.
Our Mission
To protect and improve the health and environment of all Kansans.

2018 Legislative Update

KDHE Legislative Update, Vol. 1, February 2018 |
KDHE Legislative Update, Vol. 2, March 2018 |
KDHE Legislative Update, Vol. 3, April 2018 |
KDHE Legislative Update, Vol. 4, May 2018 |
KDHE Legislative Update, Vol. 5, June 2018 |
KDHE Legislative Update, Vol. 6, July 2018

Strategic Plan

The Agency's Strategic Map was created in 2011, with implementation of the three-year plan currently under way. The map's Prioritized Objectives have been grouped together in terms of the work required to complete them. Click the link here for a visual of the Strategic Map. We identify our grouped objectives as "Tracks of Work," and below are the five tracks of work that received priority during the first 12 months of implementation:

  • Programs/Resources
  • Policy
  • Culture/Communications
  • Data
  • Structure/Work Process

Agency leadership will conduct another assessment of the Prioritized Objectives in early 2013 to determine the Tracks of Work for implementing Year 2 of the Strategic Plan. A report summarizing the Plan's first-year accomplishments can be accessed below.

Year 1 (Sept. 2011-2012) Implementation Summary and Accomplishments.

Year 2 (Sept. 2012-2013) Implementation Summary and Accomplishments

The Strategic Planning Process that took place from July-September 2011 is described in the report linked here.

If you have questions about KDHE’s strategic planning process or the enclosed map, please contact us at or (785) 296-0461.

Organizational Structure
KDHE Organizational Structure